What The Heck is an ADU?

Accessory Dwelling Unit - cottage, addition, outbuilding. Call it what you like but Berkeley has finally loosened it’s grip on the process of creating more space for living. They caught up with what the state already recognized as a right of every home owner, to add on a small addition or outbuilding without harsh fees and intense neighborhood input slowing down the process almost indefinitely.

The idea being that there is simply not enough housing; the elderly may need to age in place and create space to live in or rent to a caregiver - more and more families are joining forces, living under one roof to save money and share resources and sometimes, in order to pay the mortgage for a new home, a rental income is required.

There is so much conflicting information out there so I wanted to share with you some great information so that if you are thinking about an ADU you have a simple place to start. And remember, there are so many prefabricated units available now - gone are the days of the generic box store unit, now there are architect designed mini-homes, straight out of the most sophisticated design magazine.

More and more of my clients are looking to add an ADU or would like to purchase a property with one already constructed. I am alway happy to be a resource if I can!

Following is an excellent link for the down and dirty facts regarding building an ADU in Berkeley. Of all the sites I have scoured, this one is the best!