Recently, I Received A Call

...from an Engineer I know asking me if I could help some clients of his. The clients, a couple for whom he had designed a significant project, were thinking of either scrapping the project and selling their house as-is or doing the project and then selling. They needed my advice as to which path to chose.

When I arrived at the home, I was prepared and ready to dig in. I had already spent about an hour on the phone with the engineer so that I fully understood the breadth of the design. I also wanted to understand whether there was an intermediate option, my thought being that the owners could, with my input, spend less but still get a significant return.

I spent about 45 minutes with this couple and we discussed the proposed project and several potential iterations. Ultimately, we made some big decisions and now these sellers are getting their home ready - based on our second meeting, to turn it over to me to prepare for sale. They have a large project ahead of them but my input got them going in what I believe is the best direction for the greatest return.

Part of my job, when meeting with potential sellers is to determine the best course of action. It isn’t always as simple as putting the home on the market as soon as possible and watching the money roll in.

“But Sarah, isn’t it a hot seller’s market?” Yes, it certainly is and some may believe that any house in our area will sell itself. I have certainly seen homes that have done well with very little oversight by their realtor but 9 times out of 10, the reason homes do well is because of the agent and how she presents the property.

The word “presents” sounds so simple but it is the essence of the work we do. Essentially, presentation is everything the potential buyers and their agents see, read and hear about the property and it holds the key to the success of the transaction.

My job is to take in as much information as I can about the seller, their financial, emotional and practical needs and then translate that into the most profit possible. I take the pulse of the market, project into the future and then transform the home into the most appealing manifestation the seller can afford while also making sure it is not over improved for the expected price point of the neighborhood.

Once on the market I make sure that the disclosure packet is not only ready and easily read and digested but it must have the best possible reports from truly trusted inspectors and I must know it inside and out so that I can properly educated potential buyers.

The process from the first meeting until the home is sold is sometimes a long one, but never, ever a dull one.

I am looking forward to some really cool listings in the new year and will definitely keep you posted! I am always here to discuss and analyze your home with you - don’t ever hesitate to ask!