Happy Fall

It has been a very busy month for me here at Thornwall Properties.

I closed on four wonderful homes in the last several weeks from Richmond Heights, to El Cerrito and Berkeley.

My clients, all with their own powerful stories, are happy and settling in.

I am so proud of the work we all did together! For many, buying a home is not as clear cut as one might think. The intention may be there but the end goal is foggy. Part of what I pride myself in is my ability to simply be present for clients as they filter through the properties with their own personal lens in ever sharper focus.

Two of the last four properties sold were homes that had gotten into contract and then immediately fell out (original buyers having second thoughts or change of circumstances). This is an opportunity I pride myself in recognizing. We had to work very quickly to secure these homes, I am not the only agent who smells a potential deal!

I believe that because I had prepared my buyers well, with thorough reading of disclosures and some pre-inspections, they were ready to pounce when it was necessary. Most buyers are not well versed in home construction but I make sure that by the time they are ready to offer they are comfortable with reading home inspections, pest reports and the like.

My buyers don't get their every offer accepted of course and between these last four deals there was a wide range of offers made - from only one to a whopping 6, but with all of them, without fail, they knew what it would take to get an offer accepted. I keep my finger on the pulse, always informing my buyers of what it will take to win. It is this building of trust that enables my clients to close knowing they offered no more than they needed to but just enough to close the deal.

I am looking forward to a really fun new year in Real Estate - with some very cool listings (more on that as things develop) and more wonderful buyers looking for their forever home. I am never too busy for your referrals, and I really appreciate your trust in doing so.

Have a great Thanksgiving and more in the Winter months to come!

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Ridge