A Personal Perspective

Crafting the Intuition:

In my spare time, I like to read about neurobiology and primatology. I find that these two subjects are not only endlessly fascinating but truly helpful in many aspects of my job. Most of what I do in my work is to ease people through what is often a very emotional process. In a way it doesn’t matter how savvy you are as a Realtor, if you aren’t sensitive, patient, intuitive and kind then no amount of business acumen will suffice.

I just finished a book, How Your Unconscious Mind Rules Your Behavior, about the unconscious mind and how most of what we see, hear and think is information furnished by the unconscious. This is knowledge, that on some level, I already knew, but I like learning the neurological explanations of how it all works. 

Awareness of the role the unconscious mind plays in our day to day lives doesn’t improve the efficacy of the biological function. Our brain just chugs along, doing it’s thing, with or without our knowledge. But that same awareness does improve our ability to benefit from the data supplied to us. It is free information, there for the taking, might as well figure out how to benefit from it, right? 

My work is exceptionally multifaceted. On any given day the tasks I take on are as disparate as one can imagine; reading contracts, creative writing, math, economic interpretations, construction, organization of files and timelines, computer skills, design, strategy, social dynamics, emotional support - all these words come to mind when I describe my job. I suspect many of you reading this have jobs that are similarly diverse in the skills required. 

If you know me at all, you know that a powerful work ethic is the quality I am most proud of. Letting things slide isn’t an option, so I have had to figure out how to make sure that doesn’t happen. 

This is where my aforementioned recent reading comes in. I've been thinking about how the unconscious information the brain collects can help me in my job. I had a realization about it last night while meeting new clients for the first time. I noticed that while they were speaking, I became entirely silent. I listened with absolute focus and then, when it was time to respond I ever so briefly recognized what my unconscious mind had told me.

And boy did it tell me a lot! By simply taking an extra second or two to listen to what was actually right in front of me I found that by the end of the meeting we had not only crafted a very clever strategy for their offer, had excellent communication about contingencies, had manifested a detailed list of items to do prior to the offer date but we had a really enjoyable connection on a more personal and human level. 

I left that meeting feeling so satisfied. In only an hour we had such a productive and meaningful meeting and I’ve no doubt why. Tapping into the unconscious mind, by slowing down enough to listen well and thoroughly serves us on so many levels. 

I am always striving to improve as a Realtor. Finding new ways to do that is a challenge I am happy to take on. If there is a New Year’s message in this letter then perhaps it is as simple as this: The people around us are already telling us what they need, we just have to take the time to listen. 

If you are in thinking of selling or buying, please let me know. I am more than delighted to sit with you and help you to determine the financial ramifications of the decisions at hand. 


Sarah Ridge