Reflections On A Year

Well, my year was intense with 12 properties bought and sold! If you know me you know I thrive off of being fully engaged in my work, marriage, and kids. Overall it was an A+.  But on a macro level, it was a hard year politically, socially and economically for many in the nation as a whole.

We are unbelievably fortunate to live here in California, our own little nation - a true megalopolis. We are even more insulated by being here in the Bay Area where the waves of political angst feel like mere ripples. I keep my finger on the pulse of the economy, both on a national level and a local one as well. I don't have a crystal ball but I am confident that our area will continue to be coveted and sought after.

My primary focus continues to be my clients and how the market affects each one of them - the importance of observing the subtleties and nuances of each transaction is, in my opinion, the key to guiding my buyers and sellers through the process with the most ease.

Customizing the care I give is something I am most proud of. Here is an example: The other day I got a text from one of my buyers who closed on his property a few months back. He said his contractor had gone to the city to submit an application for a permit and was told he was not the owner of record (yet). He was distressed. Within 15 minutes I had the title company email my client proof of ownership so that he had what he needed to apply for the permit. His gratitude for my continued service, the service I promised I would always provide him, was worth the world to me. But more than that, it was the knowing him that made me proud - I know how busy he is, I know that he moves in a fast paced world and needs results quickly - I knew that running over to the title company in person and getting him the deed immediately was what would make him feel most cared for.  

As always, I would be honored to provide excellent service to you or your referral!

I hope everyone who reads this newsletter finds themselves grateful for all they have and has an excellent holiday and New Year celebration.

To you and yours!