The Things We Observe

The other day I was at an open house and I had an interesting experience. It was a busy open house and the energy had a specific tenor as if almost every serious buyer who walked in the door was feeling a nervousness and anxiety. I was acutely tuned into it that day and felt as if I could read the folks who walked in the door.  In particular, I was speaking to one woman who had left her sleeping baby and husband in the car. She told me that she and her husband had been half-heartedly looking for 10 years.  That sounds pretty unusual, but really it isn't.  If you think about it, we do many things for years and years without fully committing, and sort-of house hunting is one of them. I could tell though that for this women, the time had come to go from half hearted to fully on-board. That is when I said something that appeared like mind reading but was in fact simply intuition.  

I was explaining to this woman, that once she was pretty sure they wanted to buy that they really needed to start working with a Realtor and not try to make these huge life decisions on their own. 
I then said, "I bet you and your husband are fighting a lot about this move." That was the mind reading part...a look of awe washed over her face and she said, "We fought all the way from the last house to this house."

I wish I could claim psychic abilities but really I just know this simple fact: Realtors break up what could be a very tense experience. We are like the midwives of house hunting.  We ameliorate fears by shedding light on seemingly scary situations and we ask the questions that once answered clarify what seemed a muddled amorphous unknown.
So if you are thinking of buying or selling, and you just need to get some professional advice, you know how to find me!