It Is So Emotional

I made an offer for a buyer recently that was quite intense.  There was a lot to the property and much to consider, discuss and determine. We did our due diligence over the course of about 10 days of active work and real thoughtfulness.  We put together a beautiful offer complete with an earnest letter from my client. After some back and forth with the seller's agent we thought we had won the property and then, at the last minute, we didn't. That happens sometimes. Every case is different. Every agent operates in a unique way. No one to blame - just the nature of the beast.

But my buyer was angry. And then he was sad. He felt wronged and mistreated. He felt as though he had been jerked around and taken for a ride. I understood how he felt - I empathized. I too was a bit miffed. And precisely because of my empathic response, my role as the Realtor needed to shift significantly. My job was now to remove the emotional element and embody pure logic. My buyer and I are a team and together we came to the same conclusion; pragmatism would get him where he wanted to go much faster than emotionality.

All this had me thinking about the importance of staying balanced in this business. There are few experiences that can bring up as much fear as buying or selling a home. It is up there with birth, marriage, divorce and death in terms of the risks inherent and the potential for loss. And because of that, real estate is an industry rife with suspicion and presuppositions. I am an emotional person, and I have been known to overreact once or twice in my life (wink, wink) but there is simply no room for allowing my emotions to rule in my job.  Knowing that I have my client's interest as the driving force in my every move makes that abundantly clear.  So when emotions run high, when I see the potential for angst and frustration, I know it is time to pull back, make a mental spreadsheet and move in the most methodical of ways. It is times like this that I am reminded of something my broker once said, "Real estate causes you to grow in ways you did not imagine."

So it is with this experience that I am yet again overwhelmed with gratitude for my job. I wake up every morning curious about what adventures I will go on, what problems I will get to solve, what people I will get to collaborate with. And that makes me a very lucky person.  Let us all remain grateful for what we have. Happy Thanksgiving from me to you.