Is Now The Time To Buy?

Yes.  That is my one word answer.  But why if prices are high and the market is so competitive? 

California isn't really a state, it is a medium sized country with a burgeoning economy.  The demand for housing is not going to drop in the near future.  What that means for the buyer is that the sooner they buy the better the deal and the more opportunity to build equity. 

And the interest rates? Well, they just keep dropping.  As of this writing they're at the lowest level in almost three years, aiding homebuyers during the housing market's busiest season for transactions. The average rate for a 30-year fixed mortgage was 3.58 percent, down from from 3.59 percent last week and the lowest since May 2013, Freddie Mac said in a statement Thursday. The average 15-year rate slipped to 2.86 percent from 2.88 percent.

If you are looking to sell or buy a home, condominium, or rental property please get in touch.  I am more than happy to talk with you about what is involved, in our current market, with your desired transaction.