A Sweet Summer Story

June was very busy - and for that I am grateful!  My relationships with my clients have brought me tremendous satisfaction.  There is something so utterly satisfying about getting an offer accepted and hearing the sounds of delight in my client's voices.  
But I would like to tell a specific story of Gus and Nicole.  This young couple are simply a force to be reckoned with . The first day I met them they told me exactly what they were looking for and why.  And they seemed to have little to no doubt it would materialize.  Ever the realist, I feared it wouldn't be all that easy.  After all, they are young, it is a tough market and they had pretty high expectations.  

What I enjoyed so much about them was the way they looked at properties.  They really saw themselves in the space - imagined exactly how they would remodel or not, and they wanted to share the space with many friends, to rent out all the extra rooms.  Normally, when folks put a tremendous amount of mental energy into a place it can be very hard to lose it when the offer isn't accepted.  But these two straddled the line of emotional investment and practicality.  And they did it with a lot of grace.

And then they fell in love. When they saw the home they ended up buying I could feel the difference in their energy.  It was no longer a math equation with a dash of emotional connection thrown in.  This was the real deal.  Yet even then, these two used real smarts to get what they wanted.  We did a pre-inspection so that we could come in non-contingent.  We offered their max - because that is what you have to do sometimes to win the home you love.  And when we had a few hiccups along the way, we used common sense and decency to negotiate with the seller.  But what I admire the most about these two was that they understood that real estate is a complex and nuanced transaction - it is a marriage between pragmatism and human relationships. By ensuring that they respected and honored the seller, while still maintaining their own standards and decisions, they closed with everyone feeling really good about the transaction.
One of the most important feelings, when you pull up to your new home in the moving van, is of respect and well wishes for the seller.  I am proud of these two, they managed to do that with absolute aplomb.

Please let me know if I can help in any way!